About Us

Meet the Team

Ashley set up Compass Interiors back in 2005. He has over 25 years experience in carpentry and cabinet making.
Robin was one of the co-founders of Compass Kitchens, in his home town of Kingsbridge in 2005. Robin has 15 years of experience in CAD Design and sales. When not working, you will often find him on the golf course or out on the boat.
Steve is Ashley's right hand man. He has been working in the cabinet manufacturing industry for over 30 years. When not working, you will often find Steve surfing, trying to find the perfect wave.
Dave joined the Compass family in 2010. He is very versatile with an exceptional attention to detail, and an ideal person to send to do the final snagging on any Compass project.
Jane is probably the most important member of the Compass team, as she pays all our wages and sends out the invoices. With a huge knowledge of kitchen industry, Jane has played a key role in the companies success.

About Us

Good design goes beyond the merely conceptual. Function, quality, attention to detail and longevity are equally important. These are all areas in which Compass has earned a reputation for excellence.

An individual approach...

Over the years, our individual approach has attracted a team of like minded people who all contribute to making Compass even more exceptional. They treat customers the way they themselves would like to be treated.

We manufacture all our own furniture which gives us complete control over quality and allows us to select only the finest raw materials and components. It has also enabled us to evolve a manufacturing style with traditional cabinet making skills giving us the ability to offer you genuine flexibility. Compass is truly bespoke. We don’t invite you to choose from a finite selection of ranges. We offer an almost limitless choice of styles, materials, colours, surfaces and fittings.